Women’s vs. Men’s Clubs: What’s the Difference?

All golfers, men and women alike, deserve golf clubs that are suited to their game. Unfortunately, for a long time, clubs were made and marketed mainly towards men, and female golfers were stuck using these ill-suited clubs. But in recent years, there’s been a surge in the manufacturing of clubs made specifically for women. These clubs are different in several ways from men’s clubs. Here’s how:

Women’s clubs are shorterWomen's vs. Men's Clubs: What's the Difference?

On average, women are shorter than men. As such, their clubs are typically one inch shorter or more in length. This provides the golfer with more control over their swing, thus improving the height and trajectory of the ball.

They’re also more flexible

Just as the shaft of the club is shorter, it’s also more flexible than that of men’s clubs. This is because people with slower swing speeds require more flexibility in the shaft. Since women, in general, have shorter arms and less upper-body strength as compared to men, their swing speed is a bit slower and they’ll need more flexibility in the shaft.

Do you have to get a women’s club?

No. If you’re a woman who’s been using men’s clubs just fine, then use whatever’s best for you. Women’s clubs are suited to women just generally—they’re not geared towards specific individuals. In that respect, if you want a golf club that truly suits your needs, you’ll need to get a custom fit golf club.

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