Why You Should Spine & Flo Your Golf Club Shafts

The mark of a good golfer is consistency. Every swing and hit must be consistent in order to better control how far and long a golf ball will travel. Nevertheless, you can practice your swing all you want, but it will all be in vain if you don’t have properly adjusted clubs. When you spine & flo your shafts, you can achieve greater consistency from one swing to the next.

The spine of a club

Why You Should Spine & Flo Your Golf Club Shafts

Every golf club has a “spine,” or an inconsistency that occurs during the shaft’s manufacturing process. This inconsistency can appear in multiple ways: for instance, the shaft may not be perfectly round or straight, or the wall thickness may not be uniform. According to Tom Wishon, a spine is practically impossible to avoid. He states:

“It is almost impossible to manufacture golf shafts that have precisely the same stiffness in all possible directions of bending. To do so would require so many time-consuming manufacturing procedures that the price of shafts would well more than double.”

While you cannot prevent a spine from forming, you can neutralize it. By identifying and correcting any inconsistencies in the shaft, you can make it bend in the same manner each time you swing.

FLO: Flat Line Oscillation

One way to neutralize a shaft’s spine is through FLO, or flat line oscillation. By clamping the butt of a shaft with the clubhead at the tip, you can cause the shaft to vibrate. There will be a pattern to the vibration—either it will move back and forth in a straight line or it will not. If it’s the former, this means that the shaft has been adjusted to the FLO plane. Doing so will neutralize the inconsistencies in the shaft, preventing hitches in your swing each time.

We at Heiser Golf can neutralize the spine of your shaft using spine & flo technology. To learn more, contact us today at 319-404-5294.