Why Does The Driver Only Work Half The Time?

919thi-mainThe driver is the hardest club in the bag to hit. Yet, the drivers you see in the big golf stores, local golf stores, and even your local pro shops are designed by the factories to be unhittable for the average golfer.

When you go to a driving range and look at the golfers hitting balls, especially with the driver, how many golfers hit the driver straight down the middle (within 20 yards of the intended target line) on a nice trajectory. I’m not talking about 300 yard drives, I’m talking nice straight drives a reasonable distance and nice ball flight. If you see two or three golfers out of ten who can consistently hit the ball straight, on a nice trajectory, you’re there on a good day.

Now think about that. Name any other recreational pursuit in which one of its most common goals seems so unattainable, by so many people.

I believe it’s safe to say that far less than half of all golfers can get off the tee with a driver successfully. Now, imagine any other product that works only half the time in the hands of the consumer. A product like that would be off the market in a week, yet as golfers we say a lot of bad words on the tee and say “this is a hard game.”

Would you be shocked if I told you that each year, literally millions of drivers sold are designed from the factory to be unhittable in the hands of the golfers who buy them. Seems hard to believe, but consider this.

The average male golfer shoots 97. If you go into the golf stores or your local golf pro shop and look at row after row of drivers that are 45-46 inches in length and 9-10 degrees of loft. What do you think the probability of a golfer who shoots 97 or higher could possible control a driver 45-46 inches long and generate the club head speed to make that 9-10 degree driver loft work? For that matter, a golfer who shots in the 80’s doing it? The average driver length on tour is 44 1/2 inches long. These are the best golfers in the world. Don’t you think that if they felt they could control and hit a driver 45-46 inches long and keep it in the short grass they would? They can’t so they don’t. Yet that is the option being commonly presented to you at all retail golf stores and pro shops and most people, even the retailers who sell the golf clubs, unfortunately do not know enough about golf clubs to know why that driver length will probably not work for them.

I am saying that equipment that does not fit, that is the wrong length, or loft, or weight, or balance for the way you swing, can keep you from being all that you can be as a golfer at any level, and it might even keep you from becoming a golfer at all.

And that’s where the real misfortune lies.

Why can’t you hit your driver? Why are drivers in the golf shops and pro shops unhittable for you? You need the knowledge of how and why golf clubs work the way they do. Do you want to play better golf and have more fun with this great game?

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