When to Replace Your Golf Clubs

No matter what you do, there will come a time when your favorite club just doesn’t cut it anymore. While golf clubs have an extraordinarily long lifespan, there are advancements in technology and manufacturing that can make your current set of clubs outdated. It can be difficult to know when exactly this point occurs, so here’s what you should look out for when deciding on the right time to replace your clubs.

Do golf clubs deteriorate?

When to Replace Your Golf Clubs

There’s this common misconception that if you swing your golf club hard enough for a long enough time, it’ll eventually deteriorate. In reality, this is hardly ever the case. The half-life of titanium is about 60 years, so unless you plan on always using the same clubs you got when you were 5, you have nothing to worry about. Grooves can get dull, and your grips may show some wear and tear, but these are things that can be repaired individually without having to replace your entire club.

Clubs can become outdated

Unless your golf clubs become damaged beyond repair, the main reason you’ll be replacing your club is because they’re outdated. As technology advances, we have discovered new ways to manufacture clubs, making them stronger, more resilient, and easier to handle. Consequently, these changes can drastically improve your game. While you certainly don’t have to upgrade to the latest and greatest club each year, you should be changing out your irons at least once every five years.

If you find that your current set of clubs have outstayed their welcome, then contact Heiser Golf to get yourself scheduled for a custom club fitting today.