has news shafts that are tour driven and new technologies that will improve your game. Longer, straighter, and more accurate. I have the demo shafts here, ready for you to hit.

The Stability Putter  shaft is the first new advancement in the putter shaft. For 50 years the putter shaft has remained a steel shaft, while the putter head has got bigger and heavy.  The result; Shafts that are neither stable nor strong enough to keep these advanced putter heads from oscillating, twisting and turning during the stroke. In fact, the strongest part of the putter shaft is right underneath the hands, where it does the least good; the weakest part is near the head. So why would any golfer having a better option, trust their putter to a cheap steel shaft? After all, you use a putter nearly twice as much as any other club. I am proud to announce that I am a Stability shaft dealer and I have them in stock.

New Level Golf was a brand new club company in 2018. The 902 pictured above also got Golf Digest Hot List this year. All the New Level Heads are forged and CNC milled to the finished head. They not only look great but feel great. At the price you can’t buy a better golf club. I have been a New Level golf dealer since they were introduced.

I know that every year shaft companies come out with new shafts. As a ACCRA golf shaft dealer, ACCRA is one of those shafts you just can’t pick up in OEM golf clubs, yet ACCRA shafts are played by PGA pros and are some of the best shafts on the market. They have a new shaft out this year the TZ5 and TZ6.

The new TZ is offered in 2 distinct profiles. Utilizing the proprietary blue printing capabilities of the ACCRA S3 “Shaft Simulation System”, ACCRA has developed a higher launching TZ6 series version and a lower launching TZ5 series each with lower spin results than ever before.


The new TZ5 series line of shafts takes all the best attributes of the past Tour Z models and incorporates the latest high modulus materials to create a smoother “feel” than ever before while maintaining the low launch/low spin characteristics that the Tour Z brand has been known for. You will notice a slightly smoother mid section and lower balance point to promote “feel” combined with a lower torque than previous Tour Z series models to maintain the low spin that Tour Z shafts are renowned for. Once again ACCRA has developed an industry leading low launching, low spinning shaft for all levels of golfers utilizing the latest in advanced composite materials to enhance performance and playability.


The new TZ6 series shaft will be available in 4 different weights (45, 55, 65, & 75) and a matching hybrid shafts (85H) with multiple flex options. This is a unique design that will appeal to the average golfer in the M3 and M4 flexes as a mid/high launching driver shaft that will control spin and add power with an active tip section. Where this shaft really shines is as a mid/high launching shaft in M4 and M5 flexes for the accomplished golfer. Already in the bag of 8 PGA Tour players, this is a spin killing machine that feature 2.0 torque combined with the explosive tip section. New high modulus composite materials now available enable ACCRA to maintain “feel” while introducing extremely low torque. Stability is achieved in the combination of ACCRA’s proprietary design in the butt section for unparalleled strength without effecting “feel” and the addition of a new material technology in the tip section creating an unequaled torsional strength along with a faster recovery speed than any shaft ACCRA has ever produced.

Any golfer looking to add stability, lower launch conditions and lower spin must test the ACCRA Tour Z5 and Tour Z6 series of shafts.


Plus Miura Golf has come out with new design. Pictured above the new CB 301.The CB-301 is the longest fully forged cavity-back iron Miura Golf has ever produced. The CB-301s takes Miura’s world-renowned forging process and blends it seamlessly with a Tour inspired shape. The CB-301 combines the feel and playability of a player’s iron with the forgiveness and distance to improve golfers of all skill levels. Talk about DISCOVERING PERFECTION. Miura is the finest forged iron in the world!

Plus the Miura wedge designs. Check out all the wedge designs in product categories. The Miura Tour wedge is pure perfection.

PXG has come out with the New Gen 2 Drivers, Fwy Woods, and Hybrids at a new LOWER price. I have the demos here. So come test drive the best driver, fwy woods and hybrids on the market.


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