The most exciting new design in 2016 is the TWGT Sterling Single Length Iron set. A unique Set Design to be Built to One Length for all the iron Clubs. Since most golfers can hit the 8 iron more consistently than they can the 6 iron, Tom Wishon has built these irons to the 8 iron length. With HS300 high strength steel on the face of the 5-7 iron with variable face thickness high COR, the distance of the long irons is the same as conventional irons and the head design of the 8-SW ensures the same distances of the short irons. These irons are to be built at 36 1/2″, 36 3/4″, or 37″ length for each club as fit by the clubmaker for the golfers comfort and preference. With most other single length clubs built to 37 1/2″, which is a 6 iron length, which can generate to much distance in the high lofted irons. The great thing about this design, Identical length and lie allow the golfer to use the same stance, same posture, same swing plane for improved shot consistency. Single length construction ensures all possible elements of swing feel are identical for each club in the set – same swing weight/MOI, same total weight, same head weight, same balance point – to offer the chance for improved shot consistency. Tom Wishon isn’t the first to come out with the single length club design, but he is the first to design a single length club design that fixes all the problems of the single length irons had in the past. Check them out and view the video in product categories.


Another new design by TWGT is the 365 PF Fairway Woods. The most unique and most versatile fairway wood design created. Head size and shape progresses gradually from traditional head size in the 3&4, to slightly smaller fairway profile for the 5 wood, to a slightly more narrow fairway to semi-broad hybrid in the 7 & 9. They have the highest smash factor found in a conventional investment cast steel head. The 365 PF fairway woods can be custom built as all woods or combination of woods and hybrids. Check them out in product categories.


The latest in forged iron design is the new 565 MC iron from TWGT. This head is designed for the golfer who wants to hit forged irons but needs the maximum off-center hit forgiveness at the same time. This iron is the latest among Wishon Golf’s superb forged carbon steel iron models. Forged with fully CNC Machined back cavity design to offer the very best off center hit forgiveness in a forged iron. Check them out in product categories.


Heiser Golf is very please to announce, I am the Nippon shaft dealer. The fastest growing iron shaft on the PGA tour. Nippon holds the tights tolerances of any shaft company and is a world leader in shaft design.

Plus Miura Golf has come out with new designs in their Passing Point designs. Miura Golf designs forged irons for all players. For high handicap players to the very best, Miura has a design for you. Heiser Golf is the Miura Elite Dealer in the state of Iowa. Check out all the Miura designs in product categories.


Plus the Miura wedge designs. Check out all the wedge designs in product categories.


Heiser Golf is the only golf shop that fits you to all 12 key fitting specifications and builds YOUR clubs to YOUR specifications.