Understanding Swing Weight and MOI Matching

A custom golf club fitting will craft your clubs to fit your specific needs. Everything from shaft length to club heads are tailored to your swing and style. So, too, is a lesser known aspect of a club: swing weight. By having the appropriate swing weight, a golfer’s swing becomes more consistent. This can only be accomplished, however, by using MOI matching.

Swing weight

Understanding Swing Weight and MOI Matching

Despite the name, swing weight is not an absolute measurement of weight in a club. Instead, it refers to the weight distribution of a club around a 14-inch fulcrum. Put more simply, it’s how the weight of a club feels as a player swings it, rather than the weight itself. It can be affected by several factors including club length, shaft weight, grip weight, shaft weight distribution, and head weight.

MOI matching

MOI, or “moment of inertia,” is how much effort it takes a golfer to swing their club around a specific axis of rotation. What few realize is that each golf club has a MOI, and that MOI can differ across clubs. That’s why MOI matching is so important. By using MOI matching, you can find your perfect swing weight and then replicate it across all of your clubs. This is accomplished by measuring the length of the club, the balance point, the total weight, and the period of oscillation. All four numbers are combined to become your swing weight MOI, which is then applied to each of your clubs.

The benefits

So, why should your clubs have your perfect swing weight MOI? Because clubs that are MOI matched take the same amount of strength to swing across clubs. That means the way you swing one club is the same way you swing another. By making your swings consistent, then, you’ll achieve higher accuracy and more consistent distances.

We at Heiser Golf are one of the few custom golf club makers that still use MOI matching to get you your perfect swing weight. For more information, contact us today at 319-404-5294.