The Secret To Distance With The Driver

jh-driverIs distance with the driver mean longer lengths? Do you need a higher MOI with the driver? Does L, A, R, S, X really mean anything when you think of shaft flex? What about the grip? What is the secret to distance with the driver?

On the PGA tour driver distance has increased slightly over the years and still today the golfers are hitting it further then they did last year. On the PGA tour the average driver length is 44 1/2 inches long. You say WHAT, 44 1/2 inches long, than why are the big OEM’s selling me 45 1/2 to 46 inch drivers? The pros are hitting shorter drivers with more loft to get they’re distance longer with the driver and are truly custom fitted for they’re drivers.

Do you remember the Killer Bee driver in the mid 90’s? Taylor Made the TI Bubble II driver in the mid 90’s. Ask yourself this question. Why did Killer Bee go out of business? Why did Taylor Made only make the TI Bubble II driver for a year? Killer Bee made drivers 46, 48, and 50 inches long and the TI Bubble II driver was 46 inches long. BECAUSE NOBODY COULD HIT A 46 inch long driver and control it! So ask yourself why are the big OEM’s selling you NOW a 45 1/2 to 46 inch long driver and saying you can add distance to your drivers when 90% of golfers can’t control and hit fairways with that long of driver. It is pure marketing and brainwashing you that you need that long of driver to add distance.

The secret to longer drives is to hit the center of the driver more times than not. If you can’t control a 45 1/2 – 46 inch driver and hit it in the center  than YOU are loosing distance. So how do you hit the center more times than not? You get custom fitted for the right length, loft, face angle, shaft, swing weight/MOI and the proper grip. The secret to all the golf clubs for better accuracy, length, consistency, and feel is custom fitting. I know, a lot of you say, I’m not good enough to get custom fitted. The 20 – 30 handicappers, need custom fitting more than the really good golfer, because if you are trying to make a swing with an ill fitting golf club, than the club swings you instead of you swinging the golf club.

Remember the local golf stores and big golf stores and even your local pro’s can’t fit you the way a professional club maker can, because the stores and pros are still selling you a 45 1/2 – 46 inch driver, they can’t fit you to the proper loft, shaft, face angle, swing weight/MOI and you settle for what ever grip comes on the driver. Remember this, a professional club maker is “One club, one customer, one club maker” not a fitting and specifications that go to the factory to sell you a driver that you still can’t control and hit over 40% of the fairways.

The last great technology in golf is to be truly custom fitted by a professional club maker that fits you and than assembles your clubs to YOUR specifications.

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