The Different Types of Golf Club Grips

The way you hold your golf club can make or break your game. It’s the core of your swing, and your swing will largely determine how well you play. There are three main types of grips that golfers use, and the type that you choose will depend on how you play.

Baseball grip

The Different Types of Golf Club Grips

This grip is similar to how you would hold a baseball bat, with your left hand resting right above your right hand (or vice versa if you swing left-handed). It’s recommended for players whose hands are not strong, as it allows you to get extra power from your wrists. However, a baseball grip doesn’t offer as much control, and many golfers are dissuaded from using it.

Interlocking grip  

Wrap the little finger of your right hand around the index finger of your left hand. This is the interlocking grip. Best for female players who generally have smaller-sized hands, this grip connects your hands to provide more strength in the grip and swing. It also provides more control as your hands will be less likely to slide around on the club.

Overlap grip

Finally, there’s the overlap grip. It’s similar to the interlocking grip except that the little finger on the right hand should lie on top of the left index finger instead of wrapping around it. As such, you have fewer fingers wrapped around the club, meaning this type of grip should only be used by golfers with stronger hands.

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