The Benefits of Custom Club Fitting

From beginner to expert, every golfer wants to improve their game. In many cases, however, they’re held back by their swing. Sometimes it’s the golfer, but other times it’s the equipment. While many retail stores sell standard golf club sizes, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all golf club, and if you’re going to improve your game, you need a club that’s fitted to your specific swing, proportions, and level. That’s why investing in a custom-fit club is so crucial, as it can bring many benefits to the way you play.

The majority of golfers can benefitThe Benefits of Custom Club Fitting

First thing’s first—unless you’re an absolute beginner, your game can benefit from a custom club fitting. There’s a common misconception that players have to be good to have a custom club fitting, but in reality, most golfers can benefit. This is because a custom-fit club can improve your swing, which can be one of the things that’s holding you back from a better game.

Your swing will become more consistent

In a study by Club Champion, it was found that high handicap golfers saw their ball speed increase by 3.6 mph, their average spin rate reduced by almost 400 rpm, and their average distance increase by more than 15 yards when playing with a custom-fit club. This is because their equipment was tailored to their specific swing, making it more consistent. For example, if you fit a club with the right face angle for your swing, it can help you consistently hit the ball straight-on, reducing your number of slices or hooks.

It will correct misdirection

Have you ever hit the ball intending it for it to go one way, but it goes another? This is likely because the lie angle doesn’t suit your swing. A custom-fit club, however, can have a lie angle to match your strike, ensuring that the bottom of the club is level with the ground on each swing.

It’s tailored to your specific proportions

A few of the major things that affect your swing is your size, body type, and overall proportions. By using a club that doesn’t match your proportions, you’re not going to be swinging your best game. With a custom club fitting, however, you’ll have access to a wide variety of equipment and parts that can be tailored to your specific proportions.

Needless to say, a custom club fitting can seriously improve your game. So if you’re in the Cedar Falls area and planning to get a custom-fit club, contact Heiser Golf to book an appointment, or consult our FAQ to learn more about the club fitting process.