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Heiser Golf
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by Dan Engels on Heiser Golf
Awesome experience

Jerry is very knowledgeable and professional. He had a good selection of clubs to try and look at. He takes time to get you what you want and what you need. Only got to play my irons a few times before winter but could tell the difference. If you are looking for new clubs I highly suggest getting fitted with Jerry!!

by Vic on Heiser Golf
Very accommodating

I’ve have come to Jerry Heiser to get loft & lies checked on all my irons once a year. Its impressive how often manufacturers dont have to the correct lies & lofts listed on clubs. Jerry checks my lofts, lies and adjust as needed getting me ready for the season. I additionally get clubs re-gripped, re-shafted as Jerry is very accommodating to busy schedules. I will continue to use Jerry’s knowledge on club building & hope to get fit by him soon.

by Lee Grassley on Heiser Golf
A Touch of Class

Over the last 10 years Jerry has built 5 sets of irons and a number of woods. All have been perfectly fitted and the performance has been outstanding. The most fun is the experimenting. Shorter shaft or longer shaft? Steel or graphite? Stiff flex or senior flex? What are my goals with this club? No matter how whacky Jerry always comes through in the end. If you want your clubs to fit YOU see Jerry. I promise you won't be sorry and you might learn something.

by Paul on Heiser Golf
Only the best

Jerald Heiser is only the best. He will spend as much time as t takes to fit you and make the perfect club for you. I have had four sets of clubs built by him for me and all sets had separate fittings. He always does what ever it takes. Why go to anyone else!

by Toby Jessen on Heiser Golf
What a difference!

I was really struggling with my driver when I came to see Jerry. He really knows his stuff and spent over an hour with me out on the driving range. When that was done he know exactly what type of club I needed to be successful. Now that I have a fitted club, I haven't hit my drives this well as long as I can remember. I would recommend Heiser Golf to anyone who wants to improve their game.

by Z. Bushbaum on Heiser Golf
Great experience!

Had an awesome experience at Heiser Golf. Jerry spent several hours with us making sure everything was correct. My son is very happy with his irons and will recommend Heiser Golf to anyone looking for a wonderful custom fitting experience.

by Kyle Reisinger on Heiser Golf

Since being fitted by Jerry for the PXG 0811 driver, I've hit more fairways than ever. He really looks at each golfer individually and recommends what is best for their game. Jerry is truly one of, if not the best club fitter and club builder in Iowa!

by Scott Behn on Heiser Golf

Heiser Golf Club Fitting is the Best Club Fitter in the Cedar Valley!! Jerry fitted for me a Driver and 4 Wood. He opened my eyes to what club fitting can do for a golfer. So much can be done to custom fit clubs to the individual and fairly inexpensive. He will take care off all your needs to fix any clubs.

by Chuck Topinka on Heiser Golf
Do yourself a favor get fit

You can choose to work with a club maker of a club fitter. If you are interested in having a set of clubs made you can go to a lot of places, but if you really want a club fitting go see Jerry. He is a club fitter 1st and club maker 2nd. I was interested in his fitting because of his knowledge of Tom Wishon, professional club fitter. Jerry worked to “fine tune” my irons for my swing not with a dynamic fitting or static measurements.

by Marc Morris on Heiser Golf

After doing a simple internet search for clubfitters, I came across many of the usual suspects. You know, the Big Box stores that claim they can fit you in less than 30 minutes, then give you a standard set right off of the shelf. Been there, done that before. Found Heiser Golf, called Jerry, and knew immediately that I was going to schedule a fitting after our conversation. I set up a fitting with Jerry, and after finding out what I was looking to do for my game, he started to come up with some options. Just for ME. We headed to the driving range, and actually hit balls outside. I had never hit using a launch monitor before. It took about 3 or 4 swings to feel comfortable. He used an Ipad and checked my swing from several angles. He then started to exchange different shafts in and out, plus adding swing weight until it felt right for my swing. I could instantly see the difference in ball flight and feel with the different shafts we tried. We found a great shaft combo that felt fantastic when I hit the ball purely. Back in his shop, I then selected the grips from his inventory. All the while he was filling out the information to build MY clubs. We decided on a great set of Wishon Irons. The best thing was Jerry not selling me something I did not need. He was satisfied with how I hit my 4,5, & 6 Hybrid clubs, so we just matched the shafts of my Irons and my Woods. I spent quite a bit of time at Heiser Golf that day, but the new friendship with my new Clubfitter will benefit me for years to come. Do yourself a favor and go visit Jerry. Your golf game will thank you.

Marc A. Morris