Golf Club Set Make Up

The USGA only allows us to carry 14 clubs in the bag.

However, the good news is… they don’t tell us what 14 clubs to carry!

So, as golfers we want to carry a set of clubs that we can hit consistently well with and that help us achieve the distance we want.

Not only will a custom set makeup help you play better golf, it will also play a hand in lowering your scores.

What golf clubs are in your golf bag?

A traditional set of clubs consists of three woods, a hybrid, seven irons and a putter. Then based on your personal game, you can add another wedge, or hybrid to complete your bag.

golf player. a man playing golf in green course. focus on golf ballDriver & Fairway Woods

Used for long distance shots along the fairway or from the tee, these are usually the longest clubs in a set and display the largest club head.

These are built to maximize ball speed and distance.


Irons are span from 2-iron to 9-iron, getting shorter, increasing in loft angle, and becoming heavier as you make your way through the numbers.

These clubs are utilized when striking the ball from the fairway going towards the green.


Hybrids are specialty clubs that bring the concept of woods and irons together to make one utility club.

Originally used to escape the rough, golfers today are starting to implement these clubs into their fairway shots, as well.


Usually with a shorter shaft and higher loft, there is a wide variety of wedges to stack your golf bag with.

There are pitching wedges, sand wedges, gap wedges, lob wedges, and ultra-lob wedges. Each are used in specific situations that may arise out on the course.

sporty senior man crouching on a green planning his putt while enjoying a round of golf on a sunny day


The gentlest of golf clubs, the putter is vital once you make it to the green.

The shape and design are made to roll the ball with accuracy and usually it’s the golfer’s preference that determines the right putter for themselves.

Making a Set

With the golf clubs that we can get today, big golf companies have changed what clubs golfers can hit and can’t hit with.

The golf companies have made the 3 and 4 iron unhittable for over 90% of all amateurs because the clubs are too long and too strong in the loft.

As for the 5 iron, it was at 32 degrees in the 1980’s and today is 25-27 degrees loft and as much as 1 inch longer. The driver was 43 inches long and now it’s 45-1/2 -46 inches long.

What’s a golfer to do?

That’s what set makeup fitting is all about.

Custom Set Makeup Fitting

An expert clubmaker will be able to determine the correct 14 clubs to put in a golfer’s bag: clubs they can hit consistently well with and on center.

Getting the right lofted driver and length will help you to hit more fairways and add distance.

Now it’s time to match the woods: if you can’t hit the 3, 4, or even the 5 iron, replace them with hybrids or high-lofted fairway woods that you can hit consistently well.

golf clubs drivers over green field background. summer sunsetThen get the properly lofted wedges to fill in the gaps.

With hybrids, if you are replacing the 3 iron then the hybrid should match the loft and length of the iron you are replacing.

Most hybrids you buy off the shelf are strong in loft and longer then the iron you are replacing. What this does is make you hit the hybrid too far, leaving you with a gap between the hybrid and your longest iron that you can hit well.

So, make sure you get the correct hybrid for what you are replacing.

Say you are fitted, and your 5 iron should be 38 inches in length. Then your 3-iron hybrid should be 39 inches, your 4-iron hybrid should be 38-1/2 inches in length. Lofts should match whatever the 3 iron and 4 iron would have.

The pitch wedge in the 1980’s was 52 degrees. Now the PW is only 44-45 degrees.

The Sand Wedge has not changed and is still 55-56 degrees loft. And loft selection of the wedges is critical for scoring. If you have gaps in the wedges, you end up with a lot of half and three-quarter shots, which are some of the toughest shots in golf.

Choosing Custom Fitting

Being custom fitted properly and having your golf clubs made to your specifications is the true key. It is the last great technology in the golf industry that you will be able to see a noticeable difference in your golf game, lowering your scores and being a lot more fun to play with.

Give me a call at 319-404-5294 to start in on your custom-made golf club set.

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