Set Make Up

jh-setupThe set make up is so important for you to play better golf and lower your scores. The USGA only allows us to carry 14 clubs in the bag. The good news is, they don’t tell us what 14 clubs to carry. So, as golfers we want to carry the 14 clubs that we can hit consistently well and give us the distances that we want.

With the golf clubs that we can get today, the big golf companies have changed what clubs that golfers can hit and what clubs golfers can’t hit. The golf companies have made the 3 and 4 iron unhittable for over 90% of all amateurs  because the clubs are too long and too strong in the loft. The 5 iron was at 32 degrees in the 1980’s. Today the 5 iron is 25-27 degrees loft and as much as 1 inch longer. The driver was  43 inches long and now it ‘s 45 1/2 -46 inches long. What is the golfer to do?

That’s what Set Make Up fitting is all about. Putting the correct 14 clubs in the bag that the golfer can hit consistently well and on center. Getting the right lofted driver and the right length you will hit more fairways and add distance. Then matching the woods. If you can’t hit the 3,4,and even the 5 iron replace them with hybrids or high lofted fairway woods that you can hit consistently well. Get the properly lofted wedges to fill in the gaps.

Hybrids, if you are replacing the 3 iron then the hybrid should match the loft and length of the iron you are replacing. Most hybrids you buy off the shelf are strong in loft and longer then the iron you are replacing. What this does, you hit the hybrid to far and you have a gap between the hybrid and your longest iron that you can hit well. So make sure you get the correct hybrid for what you are replacing. Say you are fitted and your 5 iron should be 38 inches in length. Then your 3 iron hybrid should be 39 inches, your 4 iron hybrid should be 38 1/2 inches in length. Lofts should match what ever the 3 iron and 4 iron would have.

With the wedges, the Pitch Wedge in the 1980’s was 52 degrees. Now the PW is only 44-45 degrees. The Sand Wedge has not changed and is still 55-56 degrees loft. So loft selection of the wedges is critical for scoring. If you have gaps in the wedges, you end up with a lot of half and three quarter shots which are some of the toughest shots in golf.

There are exceptions to the rules with fitting the hybrid. Being customfitted properly and having your golf clubs custom made to your specifications is the the true key and the last great technology in the golf industry that you will be able to see a noticeable difference in your golf game and lower your scores and have a lot more fun playing this great game we choose to play.

Thank You, Jerry

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