Questions Golfers Should Be Asking

slide2-300x171Why don’t golfers ask questions before they buy golf clubs? Is it because they believe all the multimillion dollar ads by the big golf companies? Do the golfers really get custom fitted? Questions golfers should ask but don’t.

Golfers should be asking a lot more questions before they lay down their money for golf clubs. Why don’t golfers ask more questions? I believe they don’t have the knowledge to ask the right questions.

The first question they should ask. Did I really get custom fitted by the big retail store, local golf store, or local pro? There are 12 key fitting specifications that all golfers should be fitted for. The big golf stores, local golf stores, and even your local pro will not fit you for all 12 fitting specifications. They may fit you for one or two, but not all 12. Your custom fitting should last at least 45 minutes to an hour. If all you do is hit different clubs till the salesmen says that’s the club, you have not been custom fitted. If the golf club or clubs you buy don’t go though some modifications and you walk out of the store the same day with them, you were not custom fitted.

If you are buying a driver, the average driver length on tour is 44 1/2 inches long. They don’t lose any club head speed. Also, if they could control and hit fairways with a 45 to 46 inch driver, they would use it; they can’t, so they don’t. The next question you should be asking, if the pros aren’t hitting a 45 1/2 to 46 inch driver, why are the big golf club companies trying to sell me that long of a driver? The pros are using shorter drivers with more loft to increase they’re driving distance. Over 90% of all amateurs cannot control a 45 1/2 to 46 inch driver. The driver is literally designed from the factory to be unhittable in the hands of the golfer that buys them.

With the irons, loft and Lie angles are critical specifications. Most all the cast irons made by the big golf companies, are too hard to bend. Because of manufacturing tolerances, the lofts and lies probably won’t be correct for you. If you can’t bend the irons for the loft and Lie angle, you are wasting your money. So the next question you should be asking, can these irons be bent for the loft and Lie angle? If your irons don’t have the correct loft, you won’t have the correct distances between the irons. If the Lie angle is wrong for you, your accuracy and distance will suffer.

If you want maximum game improvement, then you need the “full specs, full bag” approach. So the last question you should be asking, if a competent club fitter can fit and assemble every one of the key fitting specifications to every club in my bag, why would I settle for less by going to a place that cannot do that?

Knowledge is key when it comes to asking the right questions about golf clubs. Knowledge of what a true custom fitting is. Why waste your money on golf clubs that won’t deliver maximum game improvement?


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