PXG Golf Clubs Is the Hype Worth it?

PXG Drivers for Sale in IowaAs we all know PXG golf clubs are expensive. As a new PXG dealer, this is my opinion. I have not been able to get out a lot yet because living in Iowa the weather hasn’t cooperated for me to really get out to the range with my launch monitor and get good numbers. I was able to get out once and play in February and hit some of my demos.

Most everyone I have talked to tells me that the irons feel great and hit longer than they’re old irons, but the driver, they aren’t sure is any better.

Let’s talk the driver first. The PXG driver’s technology is a little different than most. First, they use 16 movable weights and an adjustable hosel,  the clubfitter can fine tune your driver like never before seen. The various combinations enables the custom club fitter or golfer to hone their launch conditions for optimal ball flight. Research has proven that fine tuning head weight and swing weight is very important, yet highly underutilized,fitting attribute to optimize performance. That is why I fit you for your swing weight/MOI. Never been fitted for that before? Most golfers never have because only a very few custom club fitters know how. Of coarse the driver is legal with a COR of .830.

Let’s talk performance. I compared it to my driver, which is a TWGT 919, 11 degrees of loft, 44 1/2 inches long at a D3 swing weight. I have a Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki (stiff) shaft.I have right at 100 mph club head speed with a driver. Now, most of you have probably not heard of TWGT, but Tom Wishon makes one of the best drivers on the market and I personally have never found a driver better than the 919, and I have hit all the major brand drivers. The PXG driver was 45 inchs long, with the same shaft as my driver and a D3 1/2 swing weight. The driver felt great and the ball speed was the same as the 919, which I have never found with another driver. Then I put a Accra FX 250 M4 shaft in the PXG and the driver was scary good. I have never found another driver like this one.

OK, how about the irons. Again, I hit the TWGT 575 forged irons, which in my opinion is one of the best forged irons on the market. I have compared my irons to the Miura irons, which Miura are forged Perfection. They are not mass produced, they are all hand grind. Miura are the finest forged iron in the world. Tom Wishon has taken is forged irons one step farther by using CNC machining so that the weight, and center of gravity of the iron is exactly way he designed it to be, plus he uses a 5 step forging process that none of the big manufactures use. I have the Nippion NS Pro 1150 GS (stiff) steel shaft, 1/2 inch long in my irons.

The technology of the PXG irons.

PXG has developed a sophisticated manufacturing process that integrates high-performance alloys and elastomers to produce its groundbreaking irons. The process begins with a forged open-face body. The internal cavity of the forging is then precision CNC milled and an ultra-thin maraging steel face is plasma welded to create a hollow core. A thermoplastic elastomer is then injection molded into the cavity. High-density tungsten alloy weights strategically positioned around the perimeter of the club head add mass and create PXG’s signature look.

I compared my 7 iron to the PXG 7 iron. First let’s look at the specifications of both irons. I hit the same shaft in the PXG as I hit in my irons. Plus I hit the PXG 0311T, which is they’re tour model. The PXG iron is at 32 degrees loft, the TWGT is at 34 degrees of loft. My 7 iron is 37 1/2 inches long and the PXG iron is at the standard length of 37 inches long. As far as feel, the PXG iron did not feel any better, but did not feel any worse. So it is a great feeling iron. Distance for the PXG was about 5 yards better than my iron and the spin was great with the PXG. The distance I believe was because of the loft and the face design. I have not been able to get numbers off the launch monitor to verify that.

So is the HYPE worth it? In my opinion yes. The PXG’s is a great feeling club with the newest technology in the golf market.

This point I can not stress enough. This is the most important point of all. If you are not custom fitted to all 12 key fitting specifications and your clubs are not built to those specifications, you will never play to your very best regardless of all the technology in the world. I have seen too many times that golfers say they get custom fitted and pay a lot of money for they’re supposed custom built clubs, and then are very disappointed when they can’t hit them. I personally have measured 100’s of clubs that were (supposedly custom build and fitted) so far off of that persons specifications that it toke a lot of time and money to fix them. Please don’t let that happen to YOU. Get custom fitted by a professional fitter and your clubs built by a professional custom club maker. Remember this. “One Club, One Customer, One clubmaker.” Each club built, one at a time to your specifications. That’s how you have more fun playing this great game and scoring to the best of your ability.