Very few golfers know TWGT, founder Tom Wishon. When golfers think about the majority of golf club design innovations being marketed today- such as adjustable hosel drivers, milled faces on wedges, draw bias weighting, high COR fairway woods, high COR hybrids, and high COR irons- they tend to think of the large golf club companies. In fact, every one of those design innovations were first created by Tom Wishon. Not only does TWGT lead the industry in original clubhead design but TWGT is the leader in custom Clubfitting reseach.
The Customfitting and the Custom Building is the most important aspect for you to reap the benefits of your golf clubs. Getting Customfitted to ALL 12 key Specifications and having your clubs built to YOUR Specifications. At Heiser Golf “One Club, One Customer, One Clubmaker” If you want the most Consistent, the most Accurate, the Most Distance, and the best Feeling golf clubs you have ever PLAYED, there is ONLY one place to go. See what my clients are saying. Click here. HEISER GOLF. Please View to products below (319)404-5294

919THI Drivers

The 919THI driver head is the most popular driver head ever made by TWGT. This head can be customfitted to a wide variety of options because of the bendable hosel technology and the loft can be hand picked from 8 degrees to 15 degrees. This head is the ONLY head on the market that the… Read more »


919 F/D Fairway Driver

Features Designed for the golfer who needs more control off the tee or wishes a much smaller size driver head. Thin, variable thickness, high strength steel face for high 0.830 COR for maximum distance. Bendable hosel for a wide range of fitting options for lie and face angle, +/-4* from spec. Can also be played… Read more »


950HC Club For Sale

Features Traditional Shape and Face Height, High COR Design… For Distance with Penetrating Shot Trajectory. The new 950HC is the second generation version of the 949MC with a traditional shape and size with 34mm face height and bendable hosel to offer custom lie and face angle fitting options to fit all golfers. New semi-cup face… Read more »

929HS Fairway Woods

Features Shallow Face, High COR Face Design for Distance with Ease of Playability New Soft Stainless Hosel Allows Custom Lie and Face Angle Fitting 304 Stainless Steel Hosel is separately welded to the body to enable ease in bending for a wide range of custom lie and face angle bending (+/-4*). 31mm Shallow Face Height… Read more »

365PF Fairway Woods

925 HL Fairway Wood

This is the most versatile fairway wood ever produced. Progressive Fairway Wood Profile Design, Fit and Build as all Fairway Wood or as Combined Fairway and Hybrid Set Makeup. Features Progressive Fairway Wood Profile Design, Fit and Build as all Fairway Wood or as Combined Fairway and Hybrid Set Makeup. The most versatile fairway wood… Read more »

775HS Hybrid Irons

775HS Hybrid Iron

Hybrids are meant to replace the long irons you can’t hit. The 775HS hybrid has a High COR, High Strength HS 350 Alloy Steel Face which offers higher ball speed for more distance in a hybrid head design Features Thin, High COR, High Strength HS 350 Alloy Steel Face offers higher ball speed for more… Read more »

Tom Wishon Sterling Irons Single Length Set

A ever unique set of irons built to a single length of the 8 iron. This Set Design to be Built to One Length for all Clubs to Deliver a Perfect Match of all Elements of Swing Feel for shot consistency. This set custom fitted and custom built to your specifications. Features A Unique Set… Read more »

979SS Irons

979SS Irons

Game improvement investment cast stainless steel iron design with progressive blade height, and a semi-wide sole iron Features Progressive blade height design graduates through the set from semi-shallow low CG on the long irons to conventional blade height on the short irons for smart set game improvement CNC milled face with NEW USGA conforming scorelines… Read more »

771CSI Irons

771CSI Iron

All New Thin Face, High COR, Variable Thickness Face in a Carbon Steel Body to Offer a Wide Range in Lie and Loft Bending for Custom Fitting Features High 0.830 COR face design offers the most distance for all golfers. CNC Machined Variable Thickness Face delivers superb off-center hit forgiveness. Head body material is 1020C… Read more »