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PXG Drone Putter

Drone A modern, high MOI mallet-style putter with a single-bend shaft that creates a full-shaft offset and a face-balanced hang angle, the Drone is best suited for players with a straight-back-straight-through putting stroke. Two shaft options available. STYLE MEETS FORGIVENESS Mallet-style putters have never been so cutting edge. The Drone’s body is made from a… Read more »

PXG Dagger Putter

Dagger An old-school, classic blade with no offset and a straight toe-down hang angle, the Dagger is best suited for players with an open-to-close arc-style stroke. Two shaft options available. A MODERN APPROACH The Dagger is a modern take on a time-honored design. A unique blade-style head with zero offset gives this putter a minimalist… Read more »