Your irons are your most dependable clubs. Whether at the teeing ground or on the fairway, they are the clubs you will turn to the most. As a result, finding the right set of irons is crucial for your game. At Heiser Golf, we offer custom-fitted Miura. These high-end irons will match your style and game perfectly, ensuring a steady and consistent swing every time.

Miura Irons
Founded by Katsuhiro Miura in 1957, Miura Irons are some of the most well-crafted, high-performing irons in the world. With great attention to detail and a high level of perfectionism, Miura Irons will never let you down. Their reliable club head ensures a consistent swing, but more importantly, they are a part of a match set. Miura Irons do not stand alone. Instead, their lofts, lies, and weights are precisely adjusted so that the user can easily switch between irons on the course.

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