New Level Golf

New Level Golf
For a golf club that looks and feels like a clean, high-end club, look no further than New Level Golf. A new company founded by Eric Burch, New Level Golf lacks the name recognition of Miura or PXG, but makes up for it in quality. Their exceptionally forged products ensure a golf club that matches the user’s style both functionally and aesthetically.

New Level Irons
New Level Irons are completely original, created from 3D CAD models and raw forged heads to provide an exact fit. The heads are milled to the exact specifications and finish of the intended user. The majority of their clubs feature longer heel to toe measurements, slimmer soles, and an overall smaller size. These features make the clubs more forgiving and easier to hit.

New Level Wedges
Similar to their irons, New Level Wedges are first-class in appearance and use. They feature a satin-like finish that gives further credence to their high-end appeal. They’re simple, clean, and modern, lacking any excessive stamping or noisy colors. In terms of performance, they’re unmatched. A properly fitted New Level Wedge has a high production rate, able to consistently spin the ball no matter your handicap or speed. On impact, the club will feel soft but solid, with a quiet click after the face meets the ball.

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