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Miura Clubs
Miura Irons are some of the finest forged irons in the world. All hand-ground, these irons are crafted with a high attention to detail and perfectionism. Each club fits the user perfectly, custom-fitted to all 12 key specifications. Their technical design creates a reliable club head, while their transitional design ensures that all parts of the club work together seamlessly.

Miura Irons
When Katsuhiro Miura started his company in 1957, he set out with one goal in mind: to create high-end, high-performing golf irons. Miura has been achieving that goal ever since. Miura Irons are the finest irons in the world, and they look, feel, and perform just like it. With a reliable club head, you can achieve a consistent swing each time. Nevertheless, Miura Irons are not meant to work on their own. They are one piece of a very large whole, specifically designed to provide an easy transition from one club to the next.
At Heiser Golf, we custom fit a wide variety of Miura Irons, including the following:

Miura Baby Blade
MB 101
TC 201
CB 301
MC 501
LH CB 801
LH TB 901
Milled Tour Wedge
K-G Grind 2.0 Wedge

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