Knowledge Is Golden

slide1a10Knowledge of the golf club is the key for better scoring. All golfers want more distance, consistency, accuracy, and feel. Knowledge is your key to everything you want in this great game we choose to play. Without knowledge, you don’t get a good job, you waste your money, and you make bad decisions.

The more education that you have, the better paying job or career that you get. People go to school for at least twelve years of their life and then go to college if they can. The more education and the smarter you are the better your life is, the more doors that open up to you, and the better quality of life you have.

Now that you’re out of school and you get that first big career, you learn everything you can so that you can climb that corporate ladder and get promoted and earn more money. The point is, you are always learning so that you can improve yourself and make better decisions. Researching projects for work and researching products that you buy, we learn how to make good decisions for work and our personal lives.

When we spend our money on big expensive items, we research those products. After all, we don’t want to buy a house that will be a money pit, or a car that is a lemon, or a product that won’t last very long. So, why don’t golfers research everything about the golf club before they spend big money on them? That is the million dollar question. Would you buy a Wood Saw to cut a steel pipe? Would you buy a straight slot screw driver to put in or get out a Phillips head screw? Why would you buy golf clubs that would not help your game and take out some of the frustration you have playing this great game?

The golf club is a tool that we use to hit a little ball and finally get that little ball in the hole. Sounds so easy that everyone should be able to do it. At the same time, this is very difficult and frustrating to do. If you have the wrong tool in your hands, not only does this game get more difficult, but the frustration can get so bad that you quit this great game. They say that three million golfers quit this game every year. What is the number one reason? The number one reason is “frustration with the game.” How much of this frustration can be attributed to golf equipment? With all the technology in the golf club, why is it that your handicap hasn’t improved? You got custom fitted for your clubs, didn’t you? Were your tools built to your specifications?

There are 12 key specifications in the custom fitting that you should be fitted for. If the golf clubs are not built to those specifications, you still won’t get the distance, consistency, accuracy, or feel that you deserve. Your golf clubs will never be built one of a kind, nothing else like it in the world made just for you, but you can get custom fitted and your clubs built to all your specifications. Knowledge is everything.

Knowledge is the key to life. We are always learning. The more you learn, the more you know, the better decisions you make. The more you know about the golf club, the better you will play, the less frustration you have, and the more fun you have playing this great game. Do you have the right tools in your hands?

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