How Krank Drivers Give You Maximum Distance

Every golfer wants to get the most distance possible out of their drivers. After all, the farther the ball travels on your first swing, the lower your score will likely be at the end of the round. There are many factors that go into making the perfect driver to achieve maximum distance (loft, backspin, speed, etc.), and the Krank Drivers manage take all of those factors into account.

Krank Drivers, manufactured by Krank Golf, are some of the most powerful and expertly crafted drivers on the market. They are specifically designed to help players achieve as much distance from their drivers as possible.

Golfer Playing on Beautiful Golf Course

They do so by achieving the following:

  • A greater spring effect on the driver head through the process of micro milling
  • A faster ball-speed than any other driver in the world
  • Maximum metal hardening for a faster spring back
  • It is the only driver with a forged Beta Titanium face (the highest grade of titanium on the market), creating one of the strongest drivers in golf

As such, a Krank Driver will not only achieve maximum distance, but it will do so without the risk of breaking. By being made out of Beta Titanium, you will be playing with one of the strongest drivers around.

At Heiser Golf, we provide custom-fitted Krank Drivers that are sure to improve your game. To learn more Krank Drivers or to book an appointment for a custom fitting, contact us today.