How Improperly Fitted Clubs Can Hurt Your Game

Improperly fitted clubs can be a golfer’s worst nightmare. Every player is different, so they need clubs that will adapt to their style of play. You can be the most talented player in the world, but without custom-fitted clubs, you won’t be able to play your best game.  

Here we discuss a few ways that an improperly fitted club can impact how you play:  

How Improperly Fitted Clubs Can Hurt Your Game

Incorrect lie angle  

lie angle is an angle formed between the center of a club’s shaft and the ground. Without a correct lie angle, you will not be able to consistently and accurately hit the ball. If the toe of the club faces downward, then your shot will be high right and short; if the toe faces upward, your shot will be low left and long. Either way, you are not achieving the exact hit that you need to play a perfect game.  

A club that is too long or short  

The way we set up our stance will determine how we hit the ball. If we don’t have the right set up, we won’t hit the ball correctly. However, a correct stance depends on a club that is just the right length. Otherwise, we will compensate by hunching over or straightening our arms just before we swing our clubs. 

A wrong shaft flex  

The shaft of a club is an essential factor in swing performance. A shaft can range in flexibility, and how flexible or stiff it needs to be will depend on the physical strength of the player. Without the right flexibility, you’ll have limited control, distance, and low trajectory with your hits.  

Simply put, an improperly fitted club can dramatically hurt your performance on the green. That’s why it’s vital to get a custom-fitted golf club suited to your specific needs. To learn more, contact Heiser Golf today.