VDR Black & White GripGrips are the most overlooked component of the golf club. Most golfers only know the size of the grip that comes stock on the golf clubs that they buy.

Grips come in all sizes plus they can be built up to fit your hand. Custom club makers measure your hand for the size of the grip that fits you. But remember, grips are a feel deal. What you like for the feel, tackiness, texture, and size is what you want.

There is a myth out there that says if the grip is too small for you, you will hook the ball, and if the grip is too big for you, you will slice the ball. Those myths for not true. So when it comes to grips, go to the store and feel different grips for tackiness, texture, and size and pick the grip that you fall in love with. Plus, don’t forget to regrip your clubs because regripping can make your clubs feel brand new again.

Grips that are old and slippery can also cause bad and inconsistent golf shots. If you have to grip the club too tightly to hang on to the golf club, you are putting too much tension in your arms which can cause inconsistency in your swing. If you play twice a week, you should grip your clubs at least once a year. If you don’t play that often, look at your grips to make sure that the grip isn’t cracked or slippery before you play.


I carry Golf Pride grips and Winn grips in stock. If I don’t have the grip you want, I can order it for you.

The grips I carry are the Golf Pride Tour wrap, Velvet, Multicompound cords, and the CP2 warps and Pro Tours. Plus the Winn DriTac. So make sure you call Heiser Golf for all your gripping needs. (319) 404-5294