Golf Gloves: Should You Wear One?

To wear a glove or to not wear a glove. That is the ultimate questions that golfers everywhere ask themselves. While wearing a glove isn’t mandatory, there are certainly many reasons why you should wear one. Here are just a few:

It improves your gripGolf Gloves: Should You Wear One?

The main reason to wear a golf glove is to improve your grip. Golfers with loose grips will find a glove particularly beneficial, but all golfers will find that their grip improves while wearing a glove. This is especially the case during the warmer months when you’re dealing with heat or rain, as you’ll need a little extra traction in order to grip your club properly.

It protects your hands

If you grip your club too tightly, or if you play for too long, you’ll likely end up with callouses and blisters. These can be particularly painful, and while a golf glove won’t get rid of them completely, they can certainly reduce the chance of any callouses or blisters forming on your hands.

It keeps your hands warm and dry

As we said before, a golf glove is particularly helpful during the warmer months to improve your grip. However, it’s also helpful in keeping your hands warm and dry throughout the entire year. Whether it’s rainy or sunny, fall or summer, you’ll want to keep your hands protected from the elements in order to keep your grip natural and relaxed. In fact, some companies manufacture weather-specific gloves that can be especially helpful during the cold or wet months.

Wearing golf gloves will help improve your grip, which in turn will improve your game. However, in order to be performing at the best of your ability, you also need to have golf clubs that are geared specifically towards your play style. At Heiser Golf, we offer custom club fittings to ensure that every player has the right tools they need to score a perfect game. Give us a call at 319-404-5294 to learn more.