Golf Clubs and Technology


Thank God Spring is almost here. I had a good winter, because PXG golf contacted me to be a dealer. Plus I got the Accra Certified fitting studio for Accra shafts. I am also bringing in Mitsubishi Rayon shafts. Now I can fit you for the best golf clubs and shafts in the industry. PXG, Miura, and TWGT. I am the only Miura dealer in the state of Iowa. I got my demos in for PXG and got to hit them a little bit in February. They are extremely great.

I got an email from one of my customers and he asked me if the hype on the PXG golf clubs is real. I will tell you my impressions of the PXG clubs. Now remember, I only hit them a little bit in February and the weather was not 75 degrees and balmy. Let me start with the irons. I only hit the the 0311T, they’re tour model. You also have to remember, I am hitting one of the best forged irons on the market today. The 0311T has just a little lower ball flight than my iron, and the feel of the iron is great. It did not feel any better than my iron, but no worse. I carried the ball about 5-6 yards farther than my iron and it had great spin to hold the greens, even when I carried it all the way to the back of the green. The driver, with the same shaft as my driver had the ball speed and distance. I switched to the Accra FX 250 M4 shaft, from what I could tell, No launch monitor, The ball was longer and I hit the ball really well. The driver is scary and the feel is excellent, a must try and hit this driver. I didn’t get to hit the 3 wood or hybrid enough to form an opinion yet, but both of them felt really good. I need a nice day at the range with my launch monitor.

There also is some new technology coming out that I think is going to revolutionize driver, fairway woods, and hybrids. I can’t say anything else until the release. I am just so glad that I am going to be apart of this technology. Miura has come out with a new driver this year and new irons. The irons are two piece with a soft forged body and a SUP-10 steel face. This will give you faster ball speed off the irons for more distance and great feel.

I also have seen commercials about a new club that will be longer than your driver and as accurate as your fairway wood. I went to the website and all it is, is a little bit bigger head than a fairway wood at 43 inches long and 14 degrees loft. My opinion, this is not new technology, TWGT has been making a club like this for a long time. The big difference is with the TWGT club, you get totally custom fitted and the club custom built to your specifications. The one advertised is off the shield with no regards for you.

One last thing, and this is one of my biggest things that I hate about the golf industry. I was called to trial hit a new driver. The company kept saying how it would by CUSTOM BUILT for me and they wanted me to hit they’re fairway woods and only charge me $133.00 each for the woods. I said yes as long as I could send them back for a refund. I hate it when companies and golf stores throw CUSTOM FITTING and CUSTOM BUILT around like Santa throws candy. I told them that I was a custom club fitter and builder and they said we would really like your feedback. I even told them I want the driver 44 1/2 inches long at a D3 swing weight. I got the clubs. The driver is in tolerance for loft (says 10.5 it measured 10 ) the length is 45 at a D2 swing weight. The 3 wood is 42 1/2 the 4 wood is 42 1/2 inches long.The swing weight of the 3 wood is D1 and 4 wood at D0. So the woods aren’t matched with the driver or matched to each other. They can’t even build the driver to the specifications I told them to.

That is why ever club I fit you for, are built by me to your exact specifications.

Can’t wait to get to the range, I hope to see you there and play well.