The Most Frequently Asked Questions

How much Time will the Fitting Take?

Weather I fit you for a Driver, Irons, or a full set, the first time you come to my shop, you will spend around 2 1/2 to 3 hours. If I am fitting you for a full set of clubs, You may have to come back for another session. Anybody that says they can fit you in an hour or less, they are not giving you a True Professional Customfitting.

What do I use for a Launch Monitor?

I use the Foresight Sports launch monitor with the GC2 and HMT. The GC2 gives me all the ball data and the HMT gives me all the club head data.

Where do I Fit, Indoors or Outdoors?

I fit outdoors. I like to see the ball flight and your swing tendencies. It has been my experience that when golfers swing indoors, they are not as free and swing like they do outdoors.

Am I good enough to get customfitted?

I usually here this as a statement, than a question. This is a myth that you are not good enough to be customfitted. The golf swing is hard enough, if the golf club does not fit you, the club is swinging you, you are not swinging the golf club. The 30 handicappers will see the biggest difference in they’re scores than a 20 handicapper. A 20 handicapper will see a bigger difference than a 10 handicapper and a 10 handicapper will see a bigger difference than a 5 or less handicapper.

Do you charge a fee for the fitting and is this fee applied to the cost of the equipment?

Yes, I charge a fee for the fitting. Unfortunately I can’t put that fee towards the cost of the clubs. The fitting fees allow me to use the very latest equipment and technology to fit you and build your clubs. I believe that the fitting has a great value and putting the fitting fee towards your club purchase would mean the fitting service had no value.

Do I build your clubs or do I send your clubs to the factory?

When a customfitter sends your specifications to a factory to get built, I guarantee you, your clubs were not built to your specifications. The factories do not check lofts, lies, grips, swingweight/MOI. They will not MOI match your clubs. They will not change the lie angles or check the lofts and put the loft as advertized. They will lick and stick your clubs together and call that custom built golf clubs.

I personally build every set of clubs I sell. I make sure the lofts are as advertized. I check the lie angle and then bend them to your specifications. I MOI match all your clubs to your swingweight/MOI. I spine and flow your shafts. When I get done building your clubs, I guarantee those clubs will be the most accurate, most consistent, and the best feeling clubs you have ever had in your hands.

What is the time frame for receiving my Golf Clubs?

Usually one to two weeks. This depends on the time it takes for me to receive your components. It takes me one day to assemble your clubs and the next morning to grip and finish your clubs.

If you have any more questions, Please don’t hesitate to contact me or call me. Thanks, Jerry