Customfitting Why?

slide5-300x171I was talked into writing an e-book. After I wrote my e-book, I sent it off to the man to help me promote it and he e-mailed me back “Customfitting, No body cares about customfitting.” A couple years ago the local golf shop in my area was going to have demo days and I told the owner, which I do all the repair for, “to bad you aren’t going to have a professional clubmaker there.” His response was “you talk about MOI matching golf clubs, shaft bend profiling and all that other stuff, I’m a scratch golfer what would all that stuff do for me?” I simply replied “why do you think the pros do it?”

We play a game, a great game, that can’t be won only played. The better you get at this game, the more frustrating this game can become. As amateurs, we play this game for fun. If you get frustrated and mad the harder this game is and a lot less enjoyable. We all want to play this game as well as we possibly can with the athletic ability, strength, and swing that we have.

In the 1900’s, the golf club was made “One club, One customer, One clubmaker.” There were no big golf companies building golf clubs. The woods were made by hand, the irons casted and ground by hand for that golfer. Then came along steel shafts, then graphite shafts, then steel wood heads, then titanium wood heads. The world of golf changed. The big golf companies started making golf clubs to a supposed average so that everyone could play this game, not just the rich.

The pros, get customfitted, and they’re clubs are assembled to they’re exact specifications. Now, The pros could take any club of the shelf and swing it 100 times better than we can. So why do they get customfitted? They are able to make small swing changes to hit any club, but when they play a tournament, they don’t want to pull a club and think I got to do this and that with this club to hit a shot. They want to pull the club, look at the shot they want to hit and swing the club. The pro’s clubs are built one of a kind, nothing else like it in the world, just for that pro, to his or hers specifications. Why? So that pro has the most distance, best accuracy, most consistent, and best feeling clubs for him in the bag. Built “One club, One customer, One clubmaker.” Now if you would go though what the pro goes though for golf clubs, you would pay about $25,000.00 for that set of clubs.

What every golfer should go though is a professional fitting that fits the 12 key specifications and have his clubs assembled to those specifications. That way you will have the most distance, best accuracy, most consistent, and best feeling golf clubs in your bag. Plus, those clubs won’t cost you any more than the clubs off the shelf and they will be built for you. Why the big golf companies can’t do this, is of cost, time, and inventory nightmares. Your local golf shops and big golf shops can’t do this, because they have to sell the clubs off the shelf to make money and they won’t take the time to even bend your clubs for loft and lie.

Anything short of this “full specs, full bag” approach to fitting will not deliver maximum game improvement to the golfer. Look at it this way – if a competent club fitter can identify and deliver every one of the key fitting specifications for every club in the bag, why settle for less by going to a place that cannot do that? It will result in less than the maximum possible game improvement and enjoyment. Remember “One club, One customer, One clubmaker.” Don’t settle for less.


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