Custom Fit Golf Clubs vs. a Standard Set

As an avid golfer, your club should act as an extension of your own arm, transitioning and flowing just as you tell it to.

However, how can you stay in control of your club when the club head is too heavy, the swing weight is all off, and the length is geared for someone who is a foot shorter than you?

The answer is, you can’t—unless the clubs were made specifically for you.

Off the rack

Look at premium brand golf clubs.

a shiny metal golf clubs for sale show in shop rack

No matter the fact that the big retail golf superstores carry a plethora of different brand names among the clubs displayed on the racks, all the men’s drivers are 45” or 45.5” long; all of the graphite shaft irons are the same length and lie angle; all the steel shaft irons are the same length and lie as well.

Drop one inch and the same goes for the women’s clubs.

Grip sizes are all the same; driver and Woodhead face angles are all the same; the head to rest of the club weight balance (swing weight) is all the same, too.

Yes, you do get a choice of loft in the driver. But, most golf stores stock drivers for men between 8.5 and 11 degrees, with maybe one model here or there with a little higher loft.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of golfers who need more than 11 degrees to maximize their driver distance and accuracy. And yes, you also get a choice between shaft flexes from L to X, but only in one model of shaft weight and bend profile design.

Custom fit golf clubs

Custom clubs measured and crafted to your personal specifications will not only improve your consistency but benefit your overall game.

club maker checking the loft angle of golf club

A custom clubmaker will ensure that your fitting process is a personalized experience, working with you to evaluate your current set of clubs and your particular golfing techniques before starting in on the project.

Creating custom clubs is a process—but it’s one that’s worth it.

From the feel of the grip in your hands to the accurately measured weight of the club, you’ll notice a difference almost immediately.

Think of custom fitting this way…

Have you walked into a sporting goods store with a high-quality tennis department and looked at the rackets? They are all displayed unstrung.

No tennis department in a sports store would be complete without an assortment of string dampeners and replacement grips. Why? Because tennis players do not all play with the same tennis strings, string tension, string impact feel or grip texture and size.

In addition, the rackets are also offered in different lengths, weights and stiffness.

One size does not fit all in tennis.

Ever strolled into a high-quality snow ski shop and looked at the skis, boots, bindings and poles? You’ll see a myriad of different length skis and poles and a seemingly endless variety of boots and bindings.

Why? Because skis must always be fit to the ability of the skier or else the skier will have a horrible time on the slopes.

One size does not fit all in skiing either.

Baseball or softball? Look at the array of bats in their huge variety of different lengths, weights, as well as the bat handle and barrel diameters.

One size definitely does not fit all batters.

And when it comes to golf, clubs are offered in much more of a “one size fits all” approach than the equipment in any other sport.

Why choose custom golf fitting

professional golfer putting ball into the hole. golf ball by the edge of hole with player in background on a sunny dayGolf is a tough game to master. You can hit the majority of your shots solid on the center of the face, high enough to ensure full distance for your swing and with enough accuracy to keep the ball in play.

However, clubs that fit your size, strength and the way you swing make the task a little easier.

Big name golf brands have always constructed their clubs for the “national average” of three areas: golfer size, strength, and swing ability.

This has led many golfers to believe that if they’re not making their shots, it’s their fault, not the club’s.

I mean, many of the clubs golfers buy are used by the pros on the PGA Tour, so if they work well for them, it has to be the golfer’s fault that they can’t hit more than 50% of their shots decently. Right?

Nope! That’s not the case here.

A 50 percent success rate is easily achievable by most active golfers, but the problem is that ALL golfers need to be custom fit for many more aspects of their clubs than just a different driver loft or different shaft flex to be able to get the most from their size, strength and swing ability.

Though there are many club fitting myths that circulate, they are dispelled by golfers across the country.

Thinking about upping your golf game?

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