Why Does The Driver Only Work Half The Time?

The driver is the hardest club in the bag to hit. Yet, the drivers you see in the big golf stores, local golf stores, and even your local pro shops are designed by the factories to be unhittable for the average golfer. When you go to a driving range and look at the golfers hitting… Read more »

Customfitting Why?

I was talked into writing an e-book. After I wrote my e-book, I sent it off to the man to help me promote it and he e-mailed me back “Customfitting, No body cares about customfitting.” A couple years ago the local golf shop in my area was going to have demo days and I told the… Read more »

The Secret To Distance With The Driver

Is distance with the driver mean longer lengths? Do you need a higher MOI with the driver? Does L, A, R, S, X really mean anything when you think of shaft flex? What about the grip? What is the secret to distance with the driver? On the PGA tour driver distance has increased slightly over… Read more »