How to Choose the Right Golf Grip

It’s a part of the club that most golfers overlook but is nevertheless extremely important to your game. The golf grip is the only part of the club that is directly connected to the golfer, and as a result, it can have a huge impact on how you hold and swing your club. Choosing the… Read more »

Custom Fit Golf Clubs vs. a Standard Set

As an avid golfer, your club should act as an extension of your own arm, transitioning and flowing just as you tell it to. However, how can you stay in control of your club when the club head is too heavy, the swing weight is all off, and the length is geared for someone who… Read more »

Golf Club Set Make Up

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The USGA only allows us to carry 14 clubs in the bag. However, the good news is… they don’t tell us what 14 clubs to carry! So, as golfers we want to carry a set of clubs that we can hit consistently well with and that help us achieve the distance we want. Not only… Read more »

Golf Club Fitting Guide

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There are 12 key fitting specifications that every golfer should be custom fitted for whether that golfer is a one or 30 handicapper. And one size does not fit all! This is what a professional clubmaker looks at and how he performs a custom fitting for each golfer’s specification: Length The length of your club… Read more »

The Benefits of Custom Club Fitting

The Benefits of Custom Club Fitting

From beginner to expert, every golfer wants to improve their game. In many cases, however, they’re held back by their swing. Sometimes it’s the golfer, but other times it’s the equipment. While many retail stores sell standard golf club sizes, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all golf club, and if you’re going to improve… Read more »

PXG Golf Clubs Is the Hype Worth it?

PXG Drivers for Sale in Iowa

As we all know PXG golf clubs are expensive. As a new PXG dealer, this is my opinion. I have not been able to get out a lot yet because living in Iowa the weather hasn’t cooperated for me to really get out to the range with my launch monitor and get good numbers. I… Read more »

Golf Clubs and Technology

  Thank God Spring is almost here. I had a good winter, because PXG golf contacted me to be a dealer. Plus I got the Accra Certified fitting studio for Accra shafts. I am also bringing in Mitsubishi Rayon shafts. Now I can fit you for the best golf clubs and shafts in the industry…. Read more »

Knowledge Is Golden

Knowledge of the golf club is the key for better scoring. All golfers want more distance, consistency, accuracy, and feel. Knowledge is your key to everything you want in this great game we choose to play. Without knowledge, you don’t get a good job, you waste your money, and you make bad decisions. The more… Read more »

Questions Golfers Should Be Asking

Why don’t golfers ask questions before they buy golf clubs? Is it because they believe all the multimillion dollar ads by the big golf companies? Do the golfers really get custom fitted? Questions golfers should ask but don’t. Golfers should be asking a lot more questions before they lay down their money for golf clubs…. Read more »