Have you ever held a golf club in your hands and it just felt… exactly right?

That’s what a custom set of golf clubs feels like. From club head all the way up to your grip, a custom fitting will definitely change your game entirely—but for the better, of course!

In 2005, Tiger Woods was asked in an interview what he noticed most about the amateurs he plays with in the Pro-Am events. His response was that all golfers need to be custom fit with clubs that could compliment their talents, emphasizing the positives in their swing and offsetting the chronic mistakes made within their game.

What is a Custom Golf Fitting?

True custom golf fitting is the process in which you work one-on-one with a trained clubmaker to create a set of clubs fit to you and your unique swing.

loseup of golfer with iron hitting tee shot

With custom golf fitting you’ll:

  • Meet with a custom clubmaker multiple times for at least a period of 45 minutes
  • Answer questions and give as much information as possible to accurately match your swing to the best fit set of golf clubs
  • Be fit with the right club heads, shafts, and grips recommended by the custom clubmaker from a wide variety of different models, designs and performance factors

Just like a tailor makes a custom suit, I fit you with the right set of clubs.

What real custom fitting is not:

  • A cart with wheels filled with different golf clubs and sitting in a pro shop or on the practice range.
  • Attending a Demo Day at your local driving range and hitting clubs until you find something you like.
  • Something that can be accomplished from start to finish in 20 minutes or less, regardless if you are hitting balls on a launch monitor.
  • Done by altering some aspects of an existing standard made set of golf clubs.

Custom Fitting Prices:

  • Full Set – $150.00
  • Iron – $100.00
  • Driver – $50.00

Book your fitting now and just wait to see the difference it makes in your game!

The Custom Golf Fitting Process

There are key fitting specifications that a clubmaker looks at to craft your custom set of clubs.

They will look at length, loft, face and lie angle, grip and several other elements that will determine the set make up of your new clubs.

Not to mention, the most important part of the golf club fitting process: a golfer analysis.

A clubmaker can’t construct the perfect set of clubs for someone if they don’t know anything about them.

golf clubs in golf course golf course

Between your strength, swing, preferences and a few more specifications, this is a legitimate professional fitting, which I believe, every golfer deserves.

Custom Fit or Standard?

Which would you rather use: a standard set of golf clubs or, the perfect set of golf clubs made specifically for you?

Let me remind you that golf is a tough game to master, but a quality golfer should be able to hit shots with more than a 50 percent success rate.

The problem is that not all golfers are custom fit to get the most out of their size, strength, and swing ability.

It’s not a tough call to make—off-the-rack clubs built to a set of general “standards” are not going to boost your play.

Think of Custom Fitting This Way…

A colleague of mine in the custom club making industry once made an analogy between custom club fitting and washing your car that I believe to be very appropriate:

If your car is dirty and trashed, you can pull it into the driveway, hook up the hose and spray off most of the surface dirt and grime.

On the other hand, you can do a better job washing your car by filling a bucket with soapy water and scrubbing off all of the dirt with a sponge and a little ‘elbow grease.’ Or, you can pull out all the stops and not only scrub the outside of the car, but wash, wipe, vacuum and detail the inside as well, finishing with a wax and buff job.

Custom club fitting is very much the same way.

If you realize that you simply bought your golf clubs in standard form, off the rack from a golf retailer or pro shop and you are curious as to whether your game may benefit from being custom fit, there are many different custom fitting options available.

The problem is, since 98% of golfers really don’t know what constitutes a real custom fitting, it’s easy to think you’re getting the “full detail job,” when you’re really ending up with a “hose job.”

Ready for a custom fitting?

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