Jerry Heiser

Jerry Heiser

I would personally like to welcome you to Heiser Golf.

As a Professional Custom clubmaker, I have a unique position. That position is PERSONAL SERVICE to the individual golfer, tending to their specific needs and custom-matching the clubhead’s design, face thickness, loft angle, center of gravity, hosel offset and sole angle; the shaft flex, material make-up, weight, bend point, balance point and torque; and the grip’s feel, weight and thickness to the golfer’s particular abilities and skills!

I welcome your E-mails, if you have any questions or comments on how I can help you or make my site better for you. Use my Contact Page to get in touch with me with questions, suggestions, or to just say hi. My Goal and Pledge to you, My Customer, is the BEST POSSIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE That I can PROVIDE.

I hope to make this Site informative with new technologies, introduce you to Tom Wishon Golf Technology and Miura Golf and give you prices of clubs, shafts, and grips. All my custom made clubs are MOI matched and frequency matched for you. I also offer shaft PUREing. These clubs will be the best in Quality and the most consistent golf club you will ever hit. That’s my GUARANTEE! Custom Fitting is my Specialty.

Thank You for visiting my web Site.