4 Tips for Golfing in Cold Weather

Just because the temperatures have dipped doesn’t mean that you have to put your weekly golfing trip on hold. While you don’t want to be out on the golf course with snow on the ground, it’s still possible to get in a few swings if the green is still, well, green. Nevertheless, golfing in cold weather is much different than golfing in warm weather, so if you’re planning to tee up this season, read over our tips on golfing in cold weather.

Keep your hands warm

4 Tips for Golfing in Cold Weather

Your grip is important, but you start to lose it as your fingers get too cold. Unfortunately, wearing normal winter gloves won’t do the trick. They may keep your fingers warm, but you won’t be able to properly grip your club. Instead, opt for golf gloves specifically designed for winter golfing.

Dress in layers

In addition to your hands, you should also keep the rest of your body warm. While you don’t want to look like Randy from A Christmas Story, you should dress in plenty of layers. A turtleneck, long-sleeved shirt with loose fitting pullovers should do the trick. You should also wear a hat or earmuffs to keep your head and ears warm.

Don’t bother warming your golf balls

Some people claim that keeping your golf balls warm will help to improve your cold weather game. While this may be the case, you won’t be able to get your ball warm enough to make an impact. Plus, in some instances it can actually be illegal. Rule 14-3/13.5 prohibits warming a golf ball during the round, although warming it beforehand is not prohibited.

Walk don’t ride

You may groan at the thought of walking for an entire round, but it’ll be beneficial in the long run. Walking will keep your body warm, a key element when playing in temperatures that are below 45 degrees. It’ll also keep your body loose which can help improve your swing.

As you’re heading out for your next cold weather golfing trip, make sure you have your set of custom-fitted golf clubs by your side. At Heiser Golf, we offer custom club fittings to ensure that every player has the right tools they need to score a perfect game. Give us a call at 319-404-5294 today.