3 Reasons to Get Custom Wedge Shafts

Your wedges are some of the most important clubs in the game of golf. As the green comes into view, golfers will reach for one of their wedges to get themselves close enough to put. However, as important as these clubs are to your game, many golfers overlook their design, often playing with wedges that are ill-suited for their particular style of golf.

Wedge shafts in particular can greatly impact your performance. As such, it’s vital to get properly fitted, custom wedge shafts to improve how you play from one game to the next.

3 Reasons to Get Custom Wedge Shafts

Custom wedge shafts improve your accuracy

Wedges are all about accuracy, so you need a wedge shaft that will account for that. Many golfers use wedges that have the same shafts as their irons. While this works for some, for others it does not. A wedge shaft needs to have the proper stiffness and/or flexibility for your specific game.

You can have wedge flexes

Another reason why you don’t want a shaft that is the same as your irons is because some golfers may need a wedge flex. Wedge flexes are the same as stiff flex—they are stiffer and heavier than traditional flexes on an iron. As such, they allow for higher spin and greater accuracy with each hit.

You can optimize each wedge for specific purposes

There are several different types of wedges. Pitching wedges, gap wedges, and sand wedges are just some of the many types you can use out on the course. All of these types of wedges should not have the same shafts. By getting custom wedge shafts, however, you can optimize each wedge for their specific purposes.

At Heiser Golf, we can customize your wedge shafts to fit your game perfectly. Contact us today to learn more!